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"Pulling skeletons out of closets since 1998" 

Surveillance is the discreet and covert observation of a subject. It is a detailed mental business and not as easy to properly conduct as TV and Hollywood would have you believe. Our staff is comprised of surveillance experts!


Whether you need surveillance for a marital infidelity / adultery issue, an employee dishonesty matter or an insurance claim, Rick Raymond Investigations is your absolute best option. Our investigators conduct thousands of hours of surveillance each year and are equipped with the latest HD digital cameras and hidden video equipment. Our surveillance investigations have saved our clients millions of dollars and afforded peace of mind to countless individuals.


The main factor that sets us apart from competitors is our ability to creatively adapt to nearly any surveillance situation. Our creative surveillance solutions exceed industry standards. From wood line surveillance in full camouflage to hidden cameras disguised as everyday objects, our investigators can adapt to nearly any environment.

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We employ a fleet of unique vehicles for surveillance which include cars, sport utility vehicles, motorcycles, boats & kayaks. We also have provider agreements with local airplane and helicopter services. Our approach to surveillance has insured success on cases that our competitors have not been able to replicate.


From apartment complexes to heavily secluded/wooded residences with fences, gates and professional security, our surveillance operatives are some of the best in the business and our success rate is unparalleled.


We utilize both male and female investigators of all ages and backgrounds. If you have a need for surveillance, call today for a free consultation.




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